Adeola Olumide Pidan is a dedicated self-starter who is currently working to complete his general MBA in the Netherlands with a focus on Economics and Corporate Compliance. Pidan pictures himself doing some kind of work regarding the economies in Africa, Southeast Asia, and more. His expected graduation date from his MBA program is this upcoming January.

Pidan’s dreams are not only in one field. He is working to get an additional Master’s Degree at St. Joseph’s University in the U.S., which he is completing online. He only has 3 classes to go and is eager to put this education to good use. He is expecting to receive his second Master’s Degree in Health Administration in April or May of next year. Currently, Adeola is aspiring to be a part of the medical field and work with a medical diagnostic company.

Adeola Olumide Pidan is passionate about healthcare, but his biggest passion is in the field of economics. He is most passionate about institutional economics. He enjoys studying the ways that institutions affect economic behavior. This subject is of great importance to Pidan and he would love to eventually obtain a PhD in this subject.

Adeola hopes through his career endeavors that he will find himself back in Nigeria where he was born. Adeola Olumide Pidan attended elementary, middle and high school in Nigeria. Pidan went to college for two years in Nigeria but moved to Canada and the U.S. to finish. Traveling across the world for his education has allowed him to exercise his love for travel while also expanding his knowledge. While he has enjoyed the many places that he has lived, Pidan would like to soon return to his original home of Nigeria.

Adeola Olumide Pidan’s motivation and hard-working attitude are made clear through his academic endeavors. He is at a transitional time in his career in which he is finishing up his higher levels of education and can finally fulfill his dreams. With a passion for economics and for the medical industry, Adeola shows not only promise, but an attitude that truly says that if there’s will there’s a way. Adeola Olumide Pidan is a smart, dedicated and tenacious individual who is ready to take on the world.